Would you like a higher charging speed? At Techniics, we support our B2B, syndic and VME customers in the installation of their charging stations.

These stations allow you to charge at optimum speed, without any chance of your business running out of power. Techniics also ensures that all administrative aspects related to your charging sessions are organized and settled automatically. This means you can dedicate all your time to your core activity without worries!

We offer independent advice (we are not tied to any brand), and our charging infrastructure is the ideal balance between high charging speeds and optimizing your existing electrical installation.

We also take care of your mobility. Techniics offers advanced technological solutions in the field of electromobility and energy management. Installation and configuration of any system is preceded by an in-depth and tailor-made study. Techniics is your ideal partner for an end-to-end approach concerning your entire charging station infrastructure. We also take care of maintenance, so you can move forward without worries.

Your installation will be able to evolve dynamically because we take into account your situation today, and tomorrow.


Advice, studies, strengthening your network

Installation of 1 or more charging stations at your office, warehouse or parking lot

Installation of charging stations in apartment buildings

Adequate configuration for balanced energy consumption and billing

Maintenance and repairs

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