Techniics takes care of all your construction projects by offering you an end-to-end solution encompassing installation and technical services. 

Techniics takes care of all your construction projects by offering you an end-to-end solution encompassing installation and technical services. We are a technical installation company with more than 20 years of expertise in the fields of electrical engineering and data communication, both for the professional and residential market.

We offer a wide range of services ranging from electrical work to automation, including data networks, audiovisual solutions... Techniics offers high quality solutions encompassing all technical aspects.

Customer service, quality, know-how and commitment are all part of our DNA. We offer our customers high quality end-to-end solutions focusing on the technical aspects which can be quite complex. As a customer, this allows you to concentrate fully on your core business. 

At Techniics, quality of service is at the top of our priorities. We take care of electrical installations, periodic maintenance, also including rapid interventions in the event of a breakdown. Our goal is to offer an appropriate and safe response to each technical challenge.

We make sure to take care of all mandatory administrative aspects on your behalf. We also offer compliance monitoring and reporting services, such as five-year inspections, emergency lighting checks and inspections.

Techniics provides a complete package which includes preventive maintenance and periodic updates. Our installations are constantly updated so that you always get the latest solution. We process all your service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Need a quick intervention? No problem, we are always ready to help!

Our Customers

At Techniics we work for the commercial and residential building sectors: office buildings, industries, SMEs, residential buildings, hotels, etc.)

Our client portfolio includes Design & Build offices, architects and interior designers, project developers, construction companies, facility managers, syndics, engineering offices… 

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